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Nautical School's ExamTutor+

The Nautical School's ExamTutor+ is a celebrated self-testing practice program that has helped THOUSAND OF MARINERS TAKE AND PASS their U.S.C.G. Captain's OUPV examination. With over 1,300 questions covering the Nautical Rules of the Road and created by the school's founder and director, Capt. Bill, every question comes with an explanation that clearly, concisely and in many instances, humorously details why the answer is correct. As a bonus, there are also questions pertaining to Deck General, Navigation General, Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement and the FCC question bank for Master-Licensed Captains who need to get their Marine Radio Operator's Permit (MROP).

How to use the ExamTutor+

Once you have installed and activated ExamTutor+, you select the number of questions you'd like to take and select the category (e.g., Rules of the Road) and begin taking practice tests while in the "Learning" mode or flash card mode. The program tracks your progress so you'll instantly know how you're doing. Once you've taken AND PASSED the ExamTutor+ a few times, you'll know you are ready to take the Rules examination given by any school - even from the U.S. Coast Guard!

Incorrectly answered questions RECEIVE INSTANT ON-SCREEN FEEDBACK in the learning mode, personally written by Capt. Bill. Many of the explanations have supporting graphics or Capt. Bill's audio explanation - in plain English - as to why the answer was incorrect. The explanations are clear and, in many instances a tad humorous so you'll enjoy working through the program. Upon completing a test, ExamTutor+ informs you if passed or failed and any incorrectly answered question will be displayed again along with their explanation.

To get and activate ExamTutor+ for Apple or Android mobile devices:

Available for Mobile Devices from the App Store and Google Play.

(in app purchase)

CHART No. 1 - Free Download - Features over 100 pages of valuable information on nautical chart symbols and describes the symbols, abbreviations and terms used on all NOAA, NGA and international nautical charts, as well as the symbols used to portray NOAA ENC®charts on ECDIS.

Light List - Free Download - (for Northeast Regions Volume 1 & 2) - A Light List is a detailed list of navigational aids including lighthouses and other lighted navigation aids, unlighted buoys, radiobeacons, daybeacons, and racons.

Coast Pilots - Free Download - The United States Coast Pilot®consists of a series of nautical books that cover a variety of information important to navigators of coastal and intracoastal waters and the Great Lakes. Issued in nine volumes, they contain supplemental information that is difficult to portray on a nautical chart.

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